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Party committee to commemorate the ninety-four anniversary
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    To celebrate the 94 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, strengthening the company party members, further play the exemplary vanguard role of Party members to ensure that the company in 2015 the successful completion of the goal fourth times and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, in July 1st, the company party building three floor conference room of the stem in all members of the general assembly. The company has more than 60 party members and activists gathered together to review the history of the party, to the party in the new China establishment, start, development and prosperity in the process had a valiant record, open up a fresh outlook and memorable birthday party".
    The meeting by Comrade Luo Yingjun read the party approved probationary party members and Party members to prepare positive resolution resolution by Comrade Zhang Kun as the leader who led the oath of 11 party members to prepare new development this year the solemn oath to join the party at the party, and then by Comrade Jiang Wenping as a good old party represented by Liu Quan, Wang Yongming, Wang Zhenwei and Comrade Xu Zhongyan as the new party representatives, respectively. The content is simple, sincere feelings of the speech.
    Party secretary Comrade Wang Min listen to five delegates to speak, in the ordinary post of Party members in the company's role in the development of fully affirmed, the party members made in their work and extraordinary deeds to be highly commended, he said: "with the increasing number of Party members more and more reasonable structure, cohesive force and centripetal force of the staff will be further enhanced, promote the development of the company's spiritual strength will be more powerful, source will be bright; every source of fame people will join the party as a major event in the political life of their own, both old and new members to remember the oath, don't forget the responsibilities. Our party is supreme, and the leadership of the party has led the Chinese people to stand up. It is the leadership of the party that makes the country prosperous and the people rich. As a member of the Communist Party, must have a strong sense of honor and sense of mission, and as a private enterprise in the party, should be based on the post, indifferent to fame and wealth, in order to promote the development of the company and the job as the first priority, and strive to contribute to society, to add luster to party." Secretary Wang Min combined with the company's current development situation, requires the majority of Party members with practical action led the staff to perform their duties responsibly, dedication, selfless dedication, the majority of employees required to seriously study the advanced deeds of outstanding Party members, the joint efforts of the source of spiritual heritage, the Li built a hundred years Fukuzawa offspring.

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