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    Scope of application: in order to improve the sense of corporate social responsibility of suppliers, the following principles and requirements are listed according to our social responsibilities. Suppliers are required to conduct self-examination with reference to commitments and statements, so as to establish healthy, benign supply chain together.

    1. business moral requirements

    1.1, all business activities should follow the standard of honesty, prohibit any form of corruption, extortion and embezzlement, money laundering and other behaviors. We should carry out monitoring and strengthening procedures to ensure that it meets the requirements of honest management.

    1.2 may not provide or accept bribes or other forms of unfair income, and the gift value of the appropriate feed should be moderate.

    1.3 disclosure of business activities, organizational structure, financial status and performance information in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and major industry practices.

    1.4 the transfer of intellectual property rights, technology and production experience should be properly protected. 1.5 the standards of fair trade, advertising and competition should be formulated, and measures to protect customer information should be established and perfected.

    1.6 the procedures should be developed to protect the suppliers and staff members and to ensure the confidentiality of their identity. 2. labour requirements

    2.1 child labour and Youth Industrial Protection

    2.1.1 should not use or support the use of child labour.

    2.2.1 companies are not allowed to use or support forced and mandatory labour, nor do they require employees to pay a "deposit" or a deposit of identity documents at the time of employment.

    2.2.2 and other organizations that provide labor for the company shall not retain part of their wages, benefits, property or certificates, so as to force employees to work continuously in the company.

    2.2.3 employees have the right to leave the workplace after completing the standard working hours. The employees may freely terminate the contract of employment after giving the company the time limit for reasonable notice.

    2.3.1 company shall comply with the applicable law and industry standards for working hours and public holidays.

    2.3.2 standard working week (excluding overtime) should not exceed forty-eight hours according to the law.

    2.3.3 employees have to rest at least one day for every six days of work, and all overtime must be of a voluntary nature.

    2.3.4 company must establish an overtime risk management mechanism to ensure the physical and mental health of the employees in order to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise.

    The wages paid by 2.4.1 company to all employees should meet the minimum wage stipulated by the local government, at least in accordance with the welfare benefits stipulated by the national legal standards.

    2.4.2 shall pay overtime pay in accordance with the requirements of the law.

    When employing employees, 2.4.3 should specify their working conditions, wages, and the payroll cycle in written form, in written language. The salary should not be punished as a punishment for the employees. Any deduction should be made clear to the staff.

    2.4.4 payroll time should be operated according to local government regulations, and no arrears and delays are allowed.

    2.4.5 company should participate in social insurance and industrial injury insurance and local law or government insurance according to law, and pay the corresponding insurance fee according to law.

    2.5.1 company shall establish rules and regulations for protecting employees' rights in accordance with the law, including labor time, vacation, wage payment, remuneration, labor discipline, dismissal and related rights and interests. And the system is publicized in a proper way, and the staff can check it at any time.

    2.5.2 company should set up a vocational training system to train workers in a planned way according to the actual situation of the unit.

    2.6.1 company shall sign labor contracts with employees. The conclusion and change of labor contract shall follow the principle of equality, voluntariness and consensus, and shall not violate the provisions of laws and administrative regulations.

    2.6.2 company shall cancel the employee's labor contract according to the law, and notice and compensate the party in writing in advance in accordance with the law.

    2.7.1 women enjoy equal employment opportunities with men, except for women's jobs or posts that are not suitable for women.

    The 2.7.2 company shall prohibit the arrangement of female workers to engage in the taboo labor stipulated in the local regulations.

    2.7.3 shall prohibit the arrangement of taboo labor for female workers at high, low temperature, cold water operations and local regulations during the menstrual period.

    2.7.4 companies should prohibit female workers from engaging in local taboo labor during pregnancy; female workers have no less than ninety days of maternity leave.

    2.7.5 company shall prohibit the arrangement of female workers during the period of infants who are under the age of one year, and engage in local taboo labor and arrange their extended work hours and night shift work.

    2.8.1 company should respect and respect all personnel. Companies must not engage in or support corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal insults, nor treat workers in a rude and inhumane way.

    2.9.1 in hiring, compensation, training, promotion, termination or retirement matters, the company shall not engage in or support racial, ethnic or social origin, social class, race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibilities, work members, political, or other discrimination based on age.

    2.9.2 company should respect employees of different races and religions, and provide the necessary convenience and conditions in custom.

    2.9.3 company can not allow any threat, abuse, exploitation and compulsive sexual harassment in the workplace, the company provided to employees in their domicile and other places, including posture, language and physical contact.

    2.9.4 company

    3.1, a company should periodically evaluate the implementation and implementation of a social responsibility commitment on a regular basis (yearly), and constantly improve and improve CSR commitments and declarations according to laws, regulations and regulations, as well as the changes of enterprises.


    4.1 the corporate social responsibilities and statements were carried out since January 1, 2018.


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    November 20th, 2017


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